37-39 Duke St,
St. Helens.
WA10 2JE.

Telephone Number:

01744 730550


This is my favourite restaurant in St Helens and the surrounding area, including Manchester and Liverpool.

I have tried a lot of the menu with Troy and the highlights are as follows.

Chicken Reshmi Kebab for starter is fantastic. Moist and spiced just perfectly with a good omelette.

main course , any Pathia is a cracker; prawn, chicken or lamb all
brilliant. Quite sweet but spicy as it should be. The best Pathia bar
none. Also great is the Chicken Goa. This is a dry curry cooked
with tandoori chicken meat and made tart with liberal use of lemon
juice. Fabulous. Troy says the madras is good.

decor could be updated a bit. Or finished would be a start. It looks
like the last decorator got bored and quit half way through. Hopefully
this will get sorted in the near future, but don’t bet on it.

Not bad value. Always between £15 to £20 per head including drinks. 


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