Here is my current speed graph for my Virgin Cable broadband.

Not good figures thus far, and I need to tweak my script so it runs more reliably (it runs from crontab on an iMac).

My connection is supposed to be “up to” 20Mb, and the units here are Mb/sec.

I’m using curl in my script to download a standard 100Mb file from the ThinkBroadband website as a reference.

Let’s see how it goes eh?

Update : I’ve enabled the ThinkBroadband quality metering to see how this shows the quality of my cable connection.

My Broadband Ping - My Virgin Cable

Also, I present the response time stats to my website using

Response time Report for Last 30 days

This is since 01/01/10 and shows a steady increase in the response time. This is the amount of time it takes the site to respond. A lower number is better than a higher one, so you can see things have gotten worse recently.

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